Your perfect Patek Phillipe watch pre-owned

Your Perfect Patek Philippe watch pre-owned

Apr 21, 2022

Patek Philippe is arguably the most appreciated watch of all time. It is a favourite amongst collectors given its rich history, the technical brilliance of the watches and their strong market performance. Each Patek Philippe watch will more than likely increase in value over time making the resale market extremely attractive for buyers with a strong knowledge of the various styles and types, as well as those with an appreciation for the brand and all things luxury. See below Patek Philippe Gondolo rose gold watch on Eskadi.

Patek Philippe Gondolo watch rose gold

Watches, have become a true symbol of status in recent years and thus brands such as Patek Philippe have gained attraction with the younger generation. You’ll often find that a good car and a nice watch are vital when it comes to image. The difference with a Patek Philippe is that not only does it look great and grace the hands of many celebrities, it’s functionality as a watch is like no other. Patek Philippe, unlike Rolex who rely on machines, crafts each of their pieces totally by hand. This makes their flagship models like the Aquanaut and the Nautilus extremely high in demand. It is almost impossible to walk into a Patek Philippe store and walk out with one of their timeless pieces. This is where the resale market and become the place for you to shop, and as mentioned goods sold ore-owned have only become more valuable with time making them even more attractive. See Aquanaut and Nautilus models on Eskadi now!

Patek Philippe Nautilus watch Yellow Gold
Patek Philippe Aquanaut watch black

When searching for something so unique and limited in supply it can be difficult to understand various resale platforms and continuously shop on different websites. However, Eskadi has solved this problem for you, with Patek Philippe watches available from multiple sources in one place! The materials used in each watch are precious metals made of rose gold, white gold, yellow gold or platinum. Each model is made with incredible attention to detail and finish, crafted with precision and held to the ultimate standard. Patek Philippe has been around for 177 years and their fine craftsmanship has remained superior throughout. Their recognition as the most luxurious watch brand can be accredited to their expertise, history and esteemed quality making them a wise investment. Not only are their watches market favourites but also their jewellery such as rings and other accessories like beautiful ties and leather bags are hugely popular. See below Yellow Gold and diamond Patek Philippe earrings. Their value is only set to continue to rise so take a look at and you might just find your perfect Patek Philippe treasure.

Yellow Gold and diamond Patek Philippe earrings