How to buy a Gucci belt second hand

No one fails to notice the interlocking G's around someone's waist, but do you know how to spot a fake? Here's how to buy a second hand Gucci belt with confidence.

Mar 14, 2022

Gucci has been producing belts since the 1920's with the interlocking G design being introduced in 1933, so it has understandably become an instantly recognisable belt design. With such fame however, it has unfortunately also been a commonly faked design, one you may have seen on ebay or in charity shops.

How to buy?

A first step in buying a Gucci belt second hand is understanding the key indicators between a real one and a fake, especially if you are not having the item professionally authenticated.

Signs of an authentic Gucci belt:

  • Craftsmanship is flawless: the seams will be well stitched, not fraying, perfectly aligned and parallel. The surface of the leather should be overall smooth even second hand.

  • Decal sticker: on modern belts, this is closer to the buckle, on older versions it is further away.

  • Serial numbers: Gucci serial numbers are 21 digits long. Most belts start with a 223 or a 114. This will be on the decal and cannot be rubbed off or removed.

  • Belt buckle: the buckle will always be welded to the belt, never hooked.

  • The bags: a Gucci belt always comes with two bags, the outer and the inner bag. The outer bag is dark brown, the brand is printed clearly without any bleeding or stitching errors. The outer bag will have the double G along the bag, both inverted and normally. Inside the bag it should say Gucci: Made in Italy. The inner bag has a string on the top right and is fabric, with Gucci printed in gold.

Always ask for a receipt if you can.

Where to buy?

Where to buy used Gucci belts? That's easy. Find the biggest selection of pre owned Gucci belts on With our authentication score, you can easily understand how each resale platform will help you authenticate the item. If you feel comfortable assessing authenticity yourself, try one of our bronze partners, where you can often find a lower price.

How to wear?

That's less easy, because there are too many fab ways to style a Gucci belt that it's hard to choose just one! We love it with a dress to really cinch the waist, but it also looks great with denim - shorts, jeans or a skirt.

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