How to buy a second hand Burberry trench coat

A Burberry trench is an item for a lifetime, with its classic elegance and flawless craftsmanship. Quality comes at a price though, making the pre owned market the perfect place to find a Burberry trench for less.

Mar 15, 2022

There is nothing like the onset of the Great British Spring to lift our spirits and imagine longer days, warmer temperatures and lighter outerwear. The Burberry trench is THE coat that will carry you through the season and in fact into the years to come due to its elegance, versatility and sturdy design.

Burberry Trench

While many designers, including Burberry, have moved some of their production to lower cost geographies, the Burberry trench is still made right here in the UK at a factory in Castleford. No expense is spared when it comes to detail and craftsmanship; for example it takes an entire year of training for a new specialist to learn how to stitch the collar. It should be no surprise then that the Burberry trench doesn't come cheap, retailing brand new from £1300 and up.

It's this combination of classic style, excellent design and premium price tag that makes the second hand market the perfect option for those wanting to add a trench to their wardrobe but at a more accessible price point.

What coat should I go for?

Even in the resale market, the trench is still an investment for most people, so don't impulse buy. First, consider your height - the Burberry trench comes in a variety of lengths, so consider a long length if you are tall and a shorter one if you are petite.

You may also want to consider print vs plain - in recent years, Burberry has brought their traditional plaid print - also known as the Haymarket Check - on to the outer layer of the coat to modernise the design. Some of these prints are very bold and probably work best on taller frames. Most coats you will find in the resale market have the print on the inside - the original design.

Trenches come in belted and unbelted styles, as well as double or single breasted. A belted design will allow you to cinch at the waist and show off curves, while an unbelted style will elongate the body vertically. If you are more curvy, you may be better off with a single breasted style vs double.

Lastly, consider your overall style. Are you more classic or fashion forward? Oversized trenches have seen a resurgence amongst the more styled crowd, paired with trainers and bright leisurewear, jeans or leather. A classic cut will work with more moderate looks, such as day dresses or tailored office wear.

The Burberry trench has been worn on celebrities both near and far for decades. What are you waiting for? Shop pre owned Burberry trenches on Eskadi today by clicking the image below!

Burberry trench pre owned