Dress like a Duchess in second-hand the Vampire’s Wife

Apr 27, 2022

The Vampire’s Wife, as we know, is a favourite of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. It is the brainchild of former model and muse of the infamous Vivienne Westwood, Susie Cave. The brand is a British favourite with the name transpiring from an abandoned book project of Susie’s husband. Every design is elegant, luxurious and classy enrapturing Royals, celebrities and people like you and I. With bright colours, pretty patterns and flattering shapes The Vampire’s Wife would make anyone feel like a princess. Shop the Duchess of Cambridge emerald Falconetti dress here which will save you £1,000 pounds by buying on Eskadi!

The Vampire’s Wife Falconetti Dress Green

Worn below on the Duchess of Cambridge.

Duchess of Cambridge Wearing The Vampire’s Wife Falconetti dress

The brand which began in a tiny room by the sea in 2014, has grown in popularity through social media channels and by word-of-mouth. Designer Susie Cave is understood to be quite a shy character who has often alluded to feelings of social anxiety when at events. This lead her to create beautiful pieces that she would feel comfortable and confident in, and it’s no surprise that women of all ages and sizes have favoured her styles. You can see the sheer femininity of each piece with exaggerated shoulders, sinched waists and minimalistic details that empower women to feel strong, confident and feminine, for example in this cute mini skirt below.

The Vampire’s Wife mini skirt

The Pussy Bow Collection was the first named collection and one that was designed alongside incredible costume and set designer Alice Babidge. The playful designs each feature a bow somewhere in the design whether it be inside or outside, with mini and midi dresses, blouses and much more the attention to detail throughout the collection is exquisite. You can thankfully, shop some of the Pussy Bow Collection on Eskadi.com, like the velvet dress below which is sold out on platforms such as FarFetch and Lyst. The second-hand market is thrilling in that the possibilities of discovering ‘good as new’ pieces with tags still attached, pieces whose value has only increased, favourable price tags on something you couldn’t imagine owning or that dress that is impossible to find anywhere!

The Vampire’s Wife Pussy Bow collection velvet mini dress

Susie Cave has fun with her designs, elevating the female form. As we have seen above her designs may cover an entire part of the body and expose another beautifully, whether it be the breasts, the legs or what have you, their is also something sexy and attractive to her designs. Eskadi are always getting new listings from fabulous designers like The Vampire’s Wife so even if you don’t see what you’re looking for today, you can be sure to search and discover Eskadi.com and plenty more listings.