Buying Tiffany with trust in the second hand market

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Apr 6, 2022

Tiffany and Co began in 1837 as a stationary and goods shop in Connecticut and has grown to be one of the most iconic and exclusive jewellery brands of all time. Recently acquired by LVMH, who are known to disrupt and jazz up ‘older’ brands, Tiffany and Co is taking their stance as a fresh, modern brand amongst young people with new slogan “Not Your Mother’s Tiffany”. It’s founder Charles Lewis Tiffany, is often referred to as the King of Diamonds and established the diamond wedding ring, making it every little girls dream to wear a Tiffany & Co engagement ring, however Tiffany have new aspirations to become the go-to jewellery brand for the fashion forward! From the iconic blue box and Tiffany heart there is countless reasons to let our minds wander and dream of all that sparkle. The timeless pieces can be found on the resale market with even more charm and with Eskadi's partner authentication score we help you find the perfect piece for you quickly and easily.

As with all legendary brands, the counterfeit market is also highly active for those for whom the price tag is beyond reach. Tiffany & Co has become one of the most counterfeited brands - here are a few ways items can be checked:

  1. Packaging - often when buying on them resale market you will find Tiffany & Co with its original packaging as it increases the items value. This is often a great indication that the item that’s in there box is original!

  2. Sterling stamp - Tiffany’s sterling items feature the mark “Sterling” or “925”. The former is more present on vintage pieces and if either cannot be seen you can be sure your item is counterfeit, however pay close attention to the lettering and spacing which is often a giveaway. 

  3. Soldered Links - the links on Tiffany jewellery should be soldered continuous links and there should not be a line where the links are separated. 

  4. Perfection - Tiffany & Co is one of the most famous luxury brands who strive for nothing but the best. Each heart and link is carefully constructed by masters unlike the counterfeit market. The alignment of the letters, their font and thickness as well as smooth edges are all great indications of whether the item is real or not so study them with a close eye. 

Here are a few of our favourite items from across our resale network (available at the time of writing)

Tiffany Sterling silver heart bracelet second hand via

This Tiffany and Co. bracelet is from the famous collection titled Return To Tiffany. Crafted from silver, the elegant piece carries a heart tag detailed with signature engravings and a lobster clasp that acts as the fastener. 

Tiffany Wire Band 18k Second Hand via

The Tiffany T collection is one of the most popular jewelry lines from Tiffany and Co. Each piece comes with a distinct shape that displays or re interprets the T symbol. This Tiffany T Wire ring is crafted from 18K yellow gold and styled as a wire like band with the letter T on the ends. 

Tiffany & Co. Three Key 18K Two Tone Gold & Silver Pendant Necklace Second Hand via

Authentication at Eskadi

Our authentication score (gold / silver / bronze) gives a quick and easy guide to how platforms authenticate items.


These partners take financial risk on the item, buying the item from the seller before re-selling it on to you. Their authentication process is often an established in-house team supported by AI technology, and they may have a lifelong authenticity guarantee, meaning if the item is ever proven to be inauthentic, you can get your money back. Gold Partners: Rebag


Silver partners offer support with authentication before the point of purchase but do not buy the item from their sellers and bring it into their own inventory before selling it on. They do not take financial risk on the item. They may sell on a consignment basis (they inspect, clean, photograph, store and sell the item but do not actually buy it from the seller - rather, they pass on the proceeds when you do) or they are a peer-to-peer marketplace that offers a third party, post-sale authentication option. Consignment partners may also have an in house authentication team. Silver partners: Vestiaire Collective, Cudoni, The Luxury Closet, eBay sneakers over £100


These partners, usually peer to peer marketplaces, do not offer any authentication support before the point of purchase, however they may offer buyer protection through a buyer/seller dispute process which is accessible if you receive an item and it is not as described. You as a buyer interact directly with the seller and are required to do your own assessment of whether an item is authentic before purchasing. This can include asking for proof of purchase or an authenticity card. You can also request further photos to examine elements of the item such as the interior, the stitching, logo placement and design, or serial number and then seek independent advice outside of the platform before purchasing. Bronze partners: eBay (excluding sneakers over £100). 

We have this authentication score in place in order to allow you to manoeuvre the resale market with ease. The resale market also comes without the heavy price tags mentioned above and we hope to allow everyone to be in the exclusive bubble of Tiffany & Co owners! Search from over 300 listings and use the tools we have provided to find your Tiffany heart.