Beat the stigma of buying pre-owned trainers

Pre-owned trainers is the way forward

Apr 19, 2022

Trainers are typically used for exercising and ‘training’ so therefore carry the connotation of becoming dirty, sweaty and used pretty quickly. However, if you leave that stigma aside and venture into the world of pre-owned trainers you will be pleasantly surprised. Fashion has become entirely about comfort and what better way to be comfortable with a runner. Brands such as ASICS, who were previously worn by runners only and Salomon who provided profesional hockey players and hikers with their footwear to ensure absolute comfort throughout intense training have since become a staple shoe for every ‘IT’ girl. See two of our favourite ASICS abs Salomon styles below. Dress to the office? Trainers. Dress for drinks? Trainers. Jeans and a nice top? Trainers. There’s no outfit that trainers do not complete and buying pre-owned offers the possibility of finding sold-out, limited editions, and popular styles that have been discontinued.

Salomon trainers grey and green
ASICS gel trainers blue and white

New Balance

New Balance have positioned themselves as a brand for all, with one slogan referring to them as the only brand “worn by Supermodels in London and Dad’s in Ohio”. Their popularity amongst celebrities and influencers globally has made them one of the most sought after shoes with the resale market often being the only place to buy the latest 550 and 990 models. As with everything else shoes don’t always suit the person who bought them, sizes aren’t always the same and so they are given a new lease of life. It doesn’t make them dirty, sweaty or used! We love these 550’s below.

New Balance 500 trainers


Nike Air Jordan’s, Jordan 4 retro Wahlburgers and the Nike dunk SB low Paris have sold at crazy prices given their short supply and crazy demand with people scanning the resale market endlessly to grab themselves a pair. This, we find is often the beauty of the resale market. The hunt and discovery element, which our brand name ‘Eskadi’ envelopes perfectly giving a nod to the Greek goddess Skadi, the goddess of hunting. Nike Air Jordan’s grew in popularity following on from ‘The Last Dance’ and the Nike Air Jordan x Off White collab have been extremely difficult to nab at retail, with long waiting lists and people queuing for hours to get a pair. You can shop them here on Eskadi.

Nike Air Jordan x Off White trainers

With pent up market demand and the scavenge for trainers across resale websites, we’ve got you covered. No need to spend hours on different sites with alerts set up for all of them, Eskadi is a one stop shop for your pre-owned needs. One wishlist for your New Balance, Air Jordan’s and much more where you can compare and contrast prices using our comparison feature. Eskadi is all you need when delving deep into second-hand shoes.