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Authentication Score

Here at, our mission is to make buying a pre-loved item as easy as finding the best deal on a hotel or a flight. Part of that purchase is evaluating the authenticity of an item. We understand that the concern about fakes can vary at different price points and across the different brands. Also, each person’s level of comfort spotting the signs of a counterfeit item is different. There is no one size fits all authentication solution when buying an item in the secondary market.

This is why we have come up with a simple rating system to help you understand the authentication support from each of our partner platforms. At gold, silver or bronze, you can easily consider the risk on the different platforms in a way that suits your budget and preferences.


These partners take financial risk on the item, buying the item from the seller before re-selling it on to you. Their authentication process is often an established in-house team supported by AI technology, and they may have a lifelong authenticity guarantee, meaning if the item is ever proven to be inauthentic, you can get your money back.
Gold Partners: Rebag


Silver partners offer support with authentication before the point of purchase but do not buy the item from their sellers and bring it into their own inventory before selling it on. They do not take financial risk on the item. They may sell on a consignment basis (they inspect, clean, photograph, store and sell the item but do not actually buy it from the seller - rather, they pass on the proceeds when you do) or they are a peer-to-peer marketplace that offers a third party, post-sale authentication option. Consignment partners may also have an in house authentication team.
Silver partners: Vestiaire Collective, Cudoni, The Luxury Closet, eBay sneakers over £100


These partners, usually peer to peer marketplaces, do not offer any authentication support before the point of purchase, however they may offer buyer protection through a buyer/seller dispute process which is accessible if you receive an item and it is not as described. You as a buyer interact directly with the seller and are required to do your own assessment of whether an item is authentic before purchasing. This can include asking for proof of purchase or an authenticity card. You can also request further photos to examine elements of the item such as the interior, the stitching, logo placement and design, or serial number and then seek independent advice outside of the platform before purchasing.
Bronze partners: eBay (excluding sneakers over £100)